Layaway Options

Layaway options include:
3 months: $200.00 - $599.99
6 months: $600.00 - $2499.99
12 months: $2500.00


For all layaway inquiries, please reach out to Audrey Wilde, Owner at (325) 656-8107 or

If you would like to purchase multiple items on one layaway, please call Audrey, (325)656-8107 to complete the purchase and have your individualized layaway plan created.

At this time, layaway payments cannot be processed online. Calling or emailing Audrey Wilde, Owner is the only way to complete your personalized layaway currently.


Wild Willow Turquoise and Silver offers a layaway service which allows my wonderful customers the right to reserve merchandise with a small percentage payment. Down payments will be deducted off of the total purchase price. Merchandise put on layaway will be kept by Wild Willow Turquoise and Silver until the balance is paid off in full.

All layaways must be paid every month, with the agreed price until item(s) is/are paid in full. Layaway refunds are eligible for store credit if there should be a cancelation for any reason. The initial down payment will then be kept against your store credit for any layaway cancelations.


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.