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I have always been in awe of beautifully hand-crafted, quality pieces. I have experience and knowledge to seek authentic, high-quality pieces and provide an outstanding price.  I’ve always known what I like, but when purchasing quality investment pieces I wanted to ensure I made a wise decision by buying products that will increase in value over time.  During my search, I have gained trust, earned rapport, and have developed relationships that have allowed me to purchase handmade Native American jewelry collections by extremely talented artisans.  Following my dreams, I wanted to maintain integrity in every aspect of my company.  This is my passion and with that comes love and appreciation for the artisan’s work.  I am incredibly blessed with a tremendously supportive family, friends, and loyal customers that I have gained along my journey.  My excitement to find beautiful, timeless, and one-of-a-kind pieces all just add to the reason I have chosen this path. 


-Audrey M. Wilde

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